Warehouse doors with aluminium panels

NIKO high quality hardware for sliding doors with
aluminium panels.

Ideal for industrial applications and door weights up to 2.000kg, NIKO sliding door hardware for heavy duty doors
will ensure the long life of your sliding door with the minimum maintenance.

• NIKO Sliding door system is certified according to EN 1527 (tested up to 100.000 cycles).

• Our wheels and bearings are custom made & more durable than standard bearings.

• All our products are zinv plated which allows smoother running of our wheels in the track profile.

• The track profiles have an unrivaled compact construction.

If you are interested in sliding door fittings or you need further information, please email info@niko.eu.com 

Products used for this application:

Industrial door fittings

NIKO industrial sliding and folding door hardware for loads up to 2000kg. stand for high quality and extended life span as they have achieved EN1527-2012 certification.

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Heavy duty sliding door fittings