Sliding doors for warehouses & industrial spaces

High quality fittings for high demands.

NIKO sliding door track is the ideal solution for a large range of industrial and warehouse applications including sliding doors for factories and
industrial units, warehouses & aircraft hangars.

The heavy duty sliding door hardware complies with the requirements of European standard EN 1527 which means that the system has achieved
class 3 for corrosion resistance (according to EN 1670: class 1-4), making it suitable for outdoor use. Also the system has been tested to 100.000
cycles, ensuring high durability and long service life time for your warehouse sliding door. Moreover, all NIKO products are zinc plated, which
allows smoother running of the wheels in the track profiles and uniform color among the system.

Products used for this application:

Industrial Door fittings

NIKO industrial sliding and folding door hardware for loads up to 2000kg. stand for high quality and extended life span as they have achieved EN1527-2012 certification.

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Industries for this application.

Warehouse – Storage