Barn/Stable sliding partitions

Sliding partitions for space saving with NIKO quality.

Often barns or stables will use sliding partitions, as opposed to hinged doors. Sliding partitions are more beneficial
because they are space saving, since they do not swing open and block valuable floor space. They are also quieter
and allow for the movement of any sized door. NIKO profile ranges can be used on all types of partitions and doors
from 10kg up to 2000kg, for both indoor and outdoor use depending on the finish. The products are zinc plated,
however we can provide stainless steel components for adverse weather conditions and protection
against the elements.

NIKO track system is more reliable and resistant as it requires little maintenance because it is designed to reduce
the build-up of dirt dust and ice.  Furthermore due to the shape of the track the trolleys do not bind or snag,
providing a smooth and near silent operation; and finally the high reliability means that the track is certified to
BS EN 1527 for up to 100,000 cycles.

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Products used for this application:

Industrial Door Fittings

NIKO industrial sliding and folding door hardware for loads up to 2000kg. stand for high quality and extended life span as they have achieved EN1527-2012 certification.

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