Painting lines for door/panel frames

Handle various size products with the higher quality finish.

With NIKO overhead conveyor systems, doors/window frames and panels of various sizes are able to travel through the
paint process with the most efficient way. The compact design of our system in combination with the various solutions we offer, allow the
products to move around tight curves, switch direction and move in and out of paint booths and ovens. The key advantage is that the floor
remains clear utilizing the unused overhead space of the facility. Moreover, all our components are zinc plated which means high corrosion
resistance to chemicals used during the procedure.

Above all, our engineers can design the most suitable system according to your requirements through a wide range of support brackets,
flight bars and trolleys for suspending the conveyor and the door/window panels. Also, we can upgrade an existing manual conveyor to
a fully or semi-automatic system.

If you are interested in painting lines for doors and windows or need further information please email

Products used for this application:

Manual Overhead conveyor

NIKO conveyor system provides an economic & flexible solution for loads up to 2.000kg.

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Power chain conveyor

NIKO offers fully powered or semi-automatic solutions for overhead conveyor systems by powering the entire system or specific segments of the line like ovens and spray booths.

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Industries for this application


Material Handling

Paint shops

Paint shops

Overhead Conveyor systems