NIKO launched Aluminium Light cranes in Logimat!

NIKO launched Aluminium Light cranes in Logimat!

posted on 18-04-2019

Last Updated on May 6, 2019 by Maria Forti

NIKO participated in 17th International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Managemen, LogiMAT 2019.

Our goal is to cover our customers needs by providing them added value products that exceed their expectations.
In the event we demonstrated a brand new product for us, Aluminium Light Cranes which are the perfect alternative to every light material handling need.

The light weight and the robust design of our aluminium crane offer an easy installation and a weightless
feel of the load during the movement.
→ Lower noise level during operation.
→ High corrosion resistance
→ Low dead weight of profles – easier installation.
→ Suitable for installation in harsh environments

If you are interested in this product, please send us your enquiry