Round cable or hose end clamp


This round cable end clamp is installed at the end of the conveyor system and guarantees the stability of the cable from the point of electric or hydraulic supply to the driven cable trolley.

See table dimensions for the product.

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Niko Profile No. 21.00021.00023.00023.00023.00023.00024.00024.00024.00024.00025.00025.00025.00025.00026.00026.00026.00026.000
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Part No. 21.K1521.K2423.K1523.K2423.K3223.K4324.K1524.K2424.K3224.K4325.K1525.K2425.K3225.K4326.K1526.K2426.K3226.K43
L (mm) 100100150150150150150150150150210210210210210210210210
b (mm) 7010070100142175701001421757010014217570100142175
e (mm) 4054405483108405483108405483108405483108
Cable (mm) 8-1516-248-1516-2425-3233-438-1516-2425-3233-438-1516-2425-3233-438-1516-2425-3233-43
H1 (mm) 737895100105115114119125135144149155165167172178188
H2 (mm) 505569747989798490100100105111121123128134144
Round cable or hose end clamp 21.K15
L (mm) 100
b (mm) 70
e (mm) 40
Cable (mm) 8-15
H1 (mm) 73
H2 (mm) 50

Niko Profile No.