Manual Lateral Swivel Unit


Permits interruption of the transport line from sliding or opening doors. The transport line reverts to its normal position following the opening of the door.

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Niko Profile No. 23.00023.00024.00024.00025.00025.00026.00026.00027.00027.000
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Part No. 23.H1523.H2524.H1524.H2525.H1525.H2526.H1526.H2527.H1527.H25
L1 (mm) 500500500500500500700700850850
L2 (mm) 500500500500500500500500600600
L3(mm) 500500500500500500700700850850
Manual Lateral Swivel Unit 23.H15
L1 (mm) 500
L2 (mm) 500
L3(mm) 500

Niko Profile No.