Guide fork


For upper entry guidance with nylon rollers d=50mm.

See table dimensions for the product.

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Niko Profile No. 25.00026.00027.00027.000
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Part No. 25.X09526.X09527.X09527.X095L
B (mm) 170192222307
H (mm) 145195160249
D (mm)
b (mm) 72.595125210
e (mm) 40404040
s (mm) 3333
b1 (mm) 90909090
b2 (mm) 6161100120
Guide fork 25.X095
B (mm) 170
H (mm) 145
D (mm) 8.5
b (mm) 72.5
e (mm) 40
s (mm) 3
b1 (mm) 90
b2 (mm) 61

Niko Profile No.