Automatic Single Tongue Switch Type C complete with Bend


In automatic swivel switch type C the switch tongue leads the trolleys in different directions.
When a trolley passes through the tongue automatically switches to the other direction.
Possible directions: B to C and then A to C (or the oppossite combination). *Right switch .A10, Left switch .A11.

See table dimensions for the product.

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Niko Profile No. 23.00023.00024.00024.00025.00025.00026.00026.00027.00027.000
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Part No. 23.A1023.A1124.A1024.A1125.A1025.A1126.A1026.A1127.A1027.A11
L1 (mm) 800/700800/700800/700800/7008008001000100013001300
b (mm) 7007007007008008001100110013501350
e (mm) 80/13080/130120/150120/150180180210210250250
R (mm) 690/400690/400580/440580/44058058077077010351035
b1 (mm) 770/530770/530700/590700/59076076098098012851285
Automatic Single Tongue Switch Type C complete with Bend 23.A10
L1 (mm) 800/700
b (mm) 700
e (mm) 80/130
R (mm) 690/400
b1 (mm) 770/530

Niko Profile No.