Vacuum lifters and cranes

Manage stocks and pickings with NIKO systems.

Vacuum lifters are an ergonomic solution that help with the lifting and moving of heavy loads in a working environment.
NIKO offers a wide range of steel and aluminium cranes, monorails and jib cranes that can be integrated into your
facility and combined with lifting devices such as chain hoists, rope hoists, rope balancers or vacuum lifting devices.

A high load capacity of up to 2.000kg allows for safely lifting of heavy workpieces with the minimum force from the operator
while the rigid construction of NIKO systems ensures high-precision positioning of the vacuum device.

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Products used for this application:

Light crane systems and jib cranes

Light Crane Systems provide an ergonomic and cost effective solution for loads up to 2.000kg which make them ideal for lightweight handling.

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Jib cranes

NIKO manufactures and supplies jib cranes that are built upon customer requirements to ensure they fully satisfy client's lifting needs.

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Festoon systems

NIKO festoon systems are the ideal solution for carrying cables or hoses to feed power to overhead cranes or other moving machinery.

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Conductor bars

Enclosed conductor bar is an alternative solution to festoon systems for supplying power to overhead cranes, electric chain hoists and other moving machinery.

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Industries for this application.


Containers & packaging

Material Handling

Warehouse – Storage

Industrial products

Industrial products

Cable trolleys & festoon systems


Light crane systems & jib cranes